Get involved

If you are passionate about environmental projects, and renewable energy and want to support the sustainability and growth of a Lochaber-wide environmental organisation, this is a unique opportunity to get involved.

By applying for community shares in the Hydroelectric scheme at Glenachulish you will become a member of LEG Power and be supporting;

  • The generation of clean, green electricity which will be sufficient to power up to 420 homes
  • Environmental and social benefit to the communities of Lochaber through funds raised from the Hydro’s surplus income
  • And you will receive a financial return for your support in the form of interest when surpluses are established.

Investing in LEG Power is principally a social investment but aspires to provide investors with a fair financial return.

As a member and shareholder in LEG Power you will have a vote: all members will have one vote each, regardless of how many shares they hold. This means you can elect the LEG Power Board of Directors or offer yourself for election and participate in the Annual General Meeting which decides on the future running of the business and any new renewable energy projects in the future.A